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Mark Driscoll on Nightline

28 Jan

This went well.  No matter what Ingrid, Slice of Sin and Campi say it would be completely inapproriate for Mark not to confront his congregation on sexual issues,  as it would have for the Apostle Paul to ignore incest in the church at Corinth.  As a side note I have heard every sermon since 2005 and he does not talk about sex as much as any of them would suggest…

This Video Has it All!

27 Oct

In this Video there are a lot of things I love:  Mars Hill Seattle,  Lecrae, a Missional focus, and John Piper Quotes:

Who Driscoll Listens To

27 Sep

There is a short list of people that I will listen to: the elders, my wife, John Piper, C.J Mahaney, Gary Breshears. I’ll listen to them because they have love and hope for me. They will criticize me, but it’s so that I can be more like Jesus, and not so that they can glory in their victory.

Notice that a certain arrogant, spiritually immature, malcontent, contentious brother is absent from the list.   For this I am glad,  we all need true men of God to speak into our lives and help us become more like Jesus.  We also need to be able to ignore those who sneak in like wolves among the sheep.  This is a very important skill lest the Gospel be neutered by people who love themselves and  sound of their own critique more than they love the King.  I hope for myself men of God who will tell me the truth and the skills to ignore those who would put their preferences and glory before the Cross.


I Am Guessing that Driscoll will Have a Field Day with This…

30 May


The Tangible Kingdom

1 May

I am reading the Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.  Like Hirsch’s “The Forgotten Ways” it is one of those books that totally blows you paradigm.  I am loving it.  I have this dream for American where the church abandons rote Americanism and truly begins to pursue Jesus again.  This book gives a glimpse of what it would look like for that to happen.  Beyond that if you want to know how unique this book is consider the fact that on the back it is endorsed by both Driscoll and McLaren.

Matt Chandler Quote: Brilliant

18 Mar

“The Holy Spirit uses Driscoll in a lot of ways. Driscoll can tell you that you are stupid on a Sunday morning and everyone will say, “yes I am, how can I be saved?” But, if you try and be Mark, instead of who God has called you to be, you are going to look like a bunch of jackasses!” (quote from the Contend Earnestly Blog, which is also awesome)

I really encourage you if you are a church leader to listen to this,  you can find it here.


Hate if you gotta…

12 Mar

My favorite Mark Quote of all time: It’s all about Jesus, It’s always about Jesus, it’s only about Jesus!

Driscoll Answers the Question of the Emerging Church…

26 Feb

Sort of..the question was “What can we learn from the Emergent Church?” I guess his answer was nothing, (or who cares, to be more accurate). At any rate I really enjoyed the message. It is good. You can listen here: Driscoll

A Book tag From LayGuy…

8 Jan

One book that changed your life.

There are several to choose from but I think I will go with “A Theology as Big as The City” By Ray Bakke. (and the Radical Reformission, and the CCDA handbook by John Perkins, and Grace Matters by Chris Rice)

One book you’ve read more than once.

There are all kinds of books I have read more than once, including everything by John Grisham…but in the non-fiction realm I would say “The Forgotten Ways,” by Alan Hirsh, which by the way also changed my life! It completely captured my heart and reignited my vision…Reading this book was like waking up from amnesia for me…I was trapped in all the crap of church and this book helped me to remember who I was and who God was….

One book you’d want on a desert island.

Most of what I read is ministry related…and if I am stuck on a desert Island alone I will not need those…(it is hard to be missional when you are alone). I think that on the Island and excepting the Bible I think I would choose something light, so I am going to break the rules and bring the “Sackett” series by Western author Louis L’amour and “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee .

Two books that made you laugh.

Let’s see this is once again a bit obscure perhaps but they should not be. A guy named Bill Butterworth wrote two books: “Butterworth Gets his Life Together” and “Butterworth Takes a Vacation”, they are very funny.

Oh and the “Pineapple Story” by a missionary in New Guinea..he came to my church when I was little, it is funny and convicting …Parts of the “Gospel Blimp” are ironically funny too.

One book that made you cry.

How is this for indecisive: The are no Children here by Alex Kotlowitz , The Corner by David Simon and Edward Burns, Ordinary Resurrections, Letters to a Young Teacher, Amazing Grace and Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozal…and probably a bunch of others…

One book that you wish had been written

“Pastoring Successful and Missional Multiethnic Churches in the Godwin Heights Neighborhood of Wyoming Michigan in 3 Easy Steps.”

One book that you wish had never been written.

Anything by Tim Lahaye, with the exception of the tome he wrote on the joys of “marital bliss” if ya know what I mean, and even that one only gets a pass because he decided against working that scary left behind theme into his sex manual. (Though in my opinion this would be an extra scary time to be “Left Behind,” busy one minute, naked and alone the next…frightening.)

One book that you’re currently reading.

I am always reading a bunch at’s the ADD in me…But I am reading “Organic Church” by Neil Cole the most.

One book you’ve been meaning to read.

Unceasing Worship by Harold Best, I own it, I just have not yet read it.

Hey Guys looking for Mark Driscoll V. Rob Bell 2

28 Nov

Hey peeps my blog has exploded with people searching for Mark V. Rob.  I am just wondering why?  As far as I know nothing new happened…(since September) so if you are searching for this do me a favor and leave a comment telling why.  If I can I will hook you up…if not at least I will be clued in!



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