Tony Jones, Brian McClaren, um Emergent

1 Aug

OK so maybe this is wrong but i have learned a truth (but not an absolute one, so don’t worry my emergent friends 🙂 that if I include the names above the readership of my blog goes way up…perhaps its wrong. But why risk a great post ripping on John Eldridge not getting read just because no one cares about him. Anyhoo, this post only sorta has anything to do with that, in a mysterious post-modern cue the candles and walk the labyrinth sort of way.

I just wanted to post this quote from John Piper:

Our aim is to call the church to a radical and very old vision of the Man, Jesus Christ—fully God, fully sovereign, fully redeeming by his substitutionary, wrath-absorbing death, fully alive and reigning, fully revealed for our salvation in the inerrant Holy Bible, and fully committed to being preached with human words and beautifully described with doctrinal propositions based on biblical paragraphs. We love Dorothy Sayers’ old saying, “The Dogma is the Drama.” We think the post-propositional, post-dogmatic, post-authoritative “conversation” is post-relevant and post-saving.

We would like to worship this Christ with you. That is what we plan to do: speak, think, pray, and worship the supreme Christ. I hope you consider coming.

For the glory of Jesus Christ,

John Piper

Because I like it 🙂


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