Oh Brian, Brian

29 Aug

A review of McClarens new book…Pretty even handed but more of the same ole’…

I like this concept which I will post more about tomarrow:

“There is no doubt that consumeristic Christians today would benefit from this book along with discerning discipleship. McLaren does a nice job revealing to people that the gospel of the Kingdom of God is not just about personalization but about the furthering of the Kingdom of God to all people. It would be worthwhile to state that if anyone has done some studying of the word of God than you would hopefully not be shocked at some Kingdom concepts that are threaded throughout the Bible. Of course those that have been raised with the “Jesus is your best friend” and “Christianity is all about me” will not be making those connections. This again is why this book has value to the folks that read only themselves into all of scripture.”

Word. It’s not about you. And not about me either.


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