Re: James Dobson…Again

6 Sep

I know it probably seems that I am more than a little bit obsessed, but James Dobson is to a blogger what a fat pitch is to a softball player. He serves em’ up and i hit them out. I can’t help it the man is just constantly doing something wacky, or saying something wacky at least.

This time it is the environment and global warming and it happened in a major mainstream magazine (that means it’s not a Christan magazine for you Christian schools kids in the crowd) The magazine is Fast Company and it’s website is here. Now personally I don’t care which side of this issue you come down on (I would hope that you might share my conviction that we as God’s steward should protect the earth and be it’s steward in a faithful way, but how you integrate that into your faith life is not a major issue to me.) What is an issue to me is that the Dobber through his publicity flak, says that if you care deeply about the environment, that is a political issue not a religious one. His mouthpiece tells us that “there are certain issues that define us as evangelicals and this is not one of them.” What I truly find humorous however is that Jimmy and his boys are reacting to what they view as political issue masquerading as a religious one, and they are here to rescue us from all that political mumbo-jumbo. Does anyone else find this ironic? Is there anyone more politically motivated they J. Dob. We are talking about a man who lead the charge to have the President of the Gospel Broadcasters association fired because he dared suggest that the gospel broadcast association should focus on communicating the gospel. The Jim took this to mean that he could not speak out about abortion (which by the way is a dubious conclusion to draw) and launched into a tear laced emotion wracked witch hunt to rid the GBA of it’s evil president. So keeping that in mind is it not very interesting the JD is now taking it upon himself to tell the rest of the Christian world what is important to us. Thanks. I would hate to have to think for myself.

What is even more annoying to me is this, it seems that James Dobson has once again missed the basic concept of spreading the good-news and instead opted for politics. It is not the content of the politics that bother me. What drives me crazy is that in my opinion this is further proof that Dobson views the culture as an enemy and not a mission field.

Are we not decedents of Adam. Is it not we as Christ followers who should love the earth on a level that those who do not know Christ never could, after all we have met its maker. Beyond that I wonder if D. ever stops to think what effect his wrangling over the trivial will have on people’s response to the gospel. You see the majority of post-Christian culture has great respect for the creation but does not know its creator. Is it not possible then that we as missionaries in this culture seeking to communicate the goodness of our God over theirs (for lack of a better way to express it) might have found common ground in our protection of creation and from that common ground we might have discovered a beginning place in introducing them to a God with whom they are completely unfamiliar? Is it not possible that in standing up for the earth we might be given a platform to stand up for Jesus, the reason we love the earth? Am i making sense here or am I just taking crazy pills?


3 Responses to “Re: James Dobson…Again”

  1. M February 4, 2009 at 11:20 pm #

    Wow and this was 2006. He’s only gotten more Dobsony since.

  2. Joel Shaffer February 5, 2009 at 8:28 am #

    I’m surprised D you did not jump on Dobson’s family action counsel’s letter from the future about what a future Obama presidency might look like in 2012.

    That was a huge, fat softball pitch!

  3. poopemerges February 5, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    I have been so busy I have been ignoring the news 🙂

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