Stuff Like This Is Why I Love Mark Driscoll

10 Sep

I totally agree with the following quote from Mark Driscoll. It seems to me in this modern “let’s have Community” sort o’ world, that any sort of reason associated with that community has been lost:

“Sadly, with the missional conversation often turning toward authentic community, the focus of using every possible means provided in culture for the gospel to reach as many people as possible is getting lost. It is as if the thought of thousands of people getting saved is a bad thing because it results in a megachurch without enough seats for all the people, as if the goal of ministry was to connect fewer people to Jesus. In saying this I am not defending megachurches in general, but am arguing that it is possible to be urban and evangelical, emerging and mega, authentic and video, evangelistic and reformed because, in the missional world, “by all possible means” is to be taken literally.”

Read more here: Mars Hill Church or The Resurgence


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