This Guy is Funny

11 Sep

And even better yet, he spends considerable time mocking the appalling writing and even worse theology of the “Left Behind” series. Unfortunately his theology isn’t so great. As he seems to have an issue with “propositional truth” (and George W. but that is neither here nor there.) He prefers “stories” over propositional. You know it’s the either or crap that bothers me. Either truth is propositional or it is story, either the gospels are good or the writings of Paul are good…What a strange way to view things. You know sometimes I tell my kids stories to illustrate truth and sometimes I yell at them prepositionally to get them out of the middle of the street when a car is coming. It just goes to show that people with good theology and bad theology agree: Tim Lahayee is a wacko. Anyway: Slacktivist.

Here is a fave quote

“This again illustrates the nexus of Bad Writing and Bad Theology. L&J don’t provide any details, examples or particulars from Rayford’s reading of the Gospels because such particulars are the sort of things that good writers provide, and they are not good writers…”

He continues:

“Such particulars may have made this passage more vivid and lifelike, but they could only be supplied by authors who had, themselves, experienced a vivid and lifelike encounter with the Gospels. That’s not something that American evangelical Christianity encourages, opting instead for something more like Rayford’s rapid, shallow reading.”

You Grace students will enjoy this one for obvious reasons:

“For contemporary American evangelicals, they seem more like something one has to plow through as quickly as possible, without comment or a second thought, before reaching St. Paul’s epistles. Paul is, for such readers, much more didactic, much more propositional, and therefore much safer and easier to control.”

Ah good times.


One Response to “This Guy is Funny”

  1. Becky S. September 15, 2006 at 12:12 pm #

    You gotta love GGF. I like the thought that people focus on Paul because it’s easier to control. It’s all about categorizing (aka Pauline Dispensationalism).

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