Wonder what Mark Driscoll Means by This?

22 Sep

So I was reading over at the Resurgence which is Mark Driscoll’s Blog, and discovered an interesting quote. Before the quote I would like to note this..that though I do not live in Seattle I kind of consider Mark my Pastor, you see I am a pastor and since I think it is good for me to get continual teaching I listen to his regularly..It really speaks to me. I have both of his books and consider them to be amazing… I think Mark is awesomely used of God…However I just read this on his sight:

“I know a lot of people, especially idealists with blogs and small churches, think they know what we should teach and what we should do. All I can say is that we are working hard and trying to figure it out, but to be honest, it’s not an easy task. We’re all a bit tired, humbled, and honored that Jesus would use us.”

Now the context is people attacking him..but here is the thing, I have a blog and I also pastor a small church (not intentionally so, and growing, but small none the less)…What bothers me about this quote is that it seems to be an attack on people who are actually trying to do the same thing Mark is, break their communities Missional code. this is not easy, the number one rule of old school church planting was to find a growing, middle class, white area and plant a church you could naturally expect it to grow. The neighborhood in which we planted however fits into none of those categories. It is not middle class, but predominately poor, it is not growing, but rather rather is depressed, it is not white but extremely diverse. So in a sense not the easiest and simplest choice of planting communities. But this is the neighborhood we chose, because while we have seen lots of plants in our city none had any interest on our people. And our neighborhood needed a missionary, God called us. At times we have no clue what will reach them, and we continue to look for the key to that lock. In the mean time we continue to preach the Gospel and the power of the cross (which is what our neighborhood needs more than air) and the growth is slow at times, like questioning my call from God slow, but there are people meeting Christ, there are marriages being healed, there are people being bapstised, It’s all just slow. My point is this: I don’t think Mark was referring to missional folk like us, but it still kinda stings, when the situations of life have already made you sensitive. 😐


6 Responses to “Wonder what Mark Driscoll Means by This?”

  1. rudy September 22, 2006 at 1:58 pm #

    thank you for your faithfulness, especially in a Samaria-like place… the people being blessed by your teaching of the power of the cross and your sacrificial acts of love appreciate you… God bless and strengthen your family, too – i pray that you will be ministered to even as you seek to minister to others

  2. Denny Sullivan September 24, 2006 at 11:41 pm #

    What I think Mark means is that he is receiving lots of criticisms from people who have equal blogging power without having earned the right to second-guess another man’s ministry. 98% of all churches in America are under 1000 in attendance. If a pastor of 200 people (and God bless their faithful efforts) thinks he can be highly critical of the decisions of a pastor who has 5000, is delusional at best and arrogantly judgmental at worst.

    Mark is not judging a person who has a blog and a small church. He IS reacting to the attitudes of those who think they know what Mark should do with his church and his ministry and his mouth and his staff.

    Mark states that he doesn’t have all of the answers to his growing church and he is living in it daily. How could a casual critique have all of the answers to things 98% of pastors never experience.

    Stay on the course but don’t take offense at a comment not directed toward you. You are the real heroes in the Kingdom.

  3. poopemerges September 25, 2006 at 8:56 am #

    One thing Denny…didn’t Izzy kill oyu in last years season finally…I thought she cut your L-Vat…and then this year she was still lying on the floor in her prom dress mourning you..so it is a suprise to see you posting here as if you have been resurrected….

  4. Daniel October 31, 2006 at 1:46 pm #

    Daniel…Play nice and swear on your own blog.

  5. Daniel October 31, 2006 at 4:03 pm #

    I wasn´t aware that I was swearing (really! I didn´t mean to if I did! In swedish swearwords are words connected to the hell and it´s inhabitants, I know things are different over there, and that I probably wuoldn´t last for five minutes in an american church.) I think my post was worth some consideration anyway, and that my finale was genius.

  6. poopemerges October 31, 2006 at 4:13 pm #

    I will grant you that the ending was very funny…in any country 🙂

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