So I guess I am Just not feeling Angry Lately…

30 Sep

I have been having trouble getting up the energy to post about anything in particular…So let me just say this: I don’t maintain this blog just to make snippy comments about other folks (though it is a nice side benefit)… The reason I maintain this blog is so that I can help certain young peep’s whom I love ask intelligent questions. I think there is an ongoing battle for the future of Christianity, I want to help those young people ask the right questions and make the right decisions. But beyond just helping them to believe the right things, I hope to help them break free from the cultural malaise that has hijacked Christianity in our country, even though that might mean that they have to get rid of their American flag Bible covers, and reject the faulty reasoning of their predecessors that Rush Limbaugh is a prophet for this generation. It is a weird tension, because while there are many things I hope to see them reject there are so many more I hope to see them accept. I long for a truly Christian response to racial issues, and issues like the enviroment and immigration and wars in Iraq and education. More than that I am hoping that this generation unlike their forefathers will realize that each of these is a spiritual issue.

Most of all, I hope to help my friends navigate culture without caving to it. I hope that they will be Salty Christ followers, useful and flavorful, Christ followers who do not view the culture as the enemy of our mission, but the field. Right doctrine plays a large part in this, but so does dialogue, and especially love. So my friends I am occasionally angry but I hope I am always radical. I hope for the sake of the King and his unmerited but oh so amazing love that you will risk it all and be a radical too.

Sola Deo Gloria


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