12 Oct

Rob Bell walks up on the conversation…and trying hard to impress McLaren and Erasmus tries to jump into the conversation…

Bell: Guys…hey guys..I don’t like assertions either…remember…we don’t really need the Virgin birth, I said that, remember…not foundational remember…guys..remember…you know springs, and trampolines and the whatnot..come on guys…talk to me too…guys…guys…talk to me i am cool too, I am totally repainting the the faith…guys, guys…paint…faith..guys…I am the prototypical postmodern Jesus-ish type person….See, did you catch that I am even repainting the old titles…No offensivee use of the power hungry inflected word Christian for me..nope, that would not be very un-post-modern Jesus-ish type person of me…right guys, guys…

Mark Driscoll At this point decides to jump in and puts Rob out of his misery..so after saying some very un-Baptist words to Rob he also says:

Driscoll::“Many Christians simply thought that postmoderns were a new kind of Christian. But, I believe postmoderns are simply not Christians. Anytime you have a hyphenated Christianity (i.e. New Age Christian, liberal Christian, etc.) then you have negated the Christianity. For postmoderns the issue is one of authority/power as they see all leaders and all texts as means by which someone exercise authority/power over another. They see all authority and power as inherently bad and prefer experience over truth, relativism over absolutes, and tolerance over judgment to varying extremes.

The result is that they will reject any singular interpretation of Scripture arguing that it is your perspective and that there are other perspectives and none are true, so we should be tolerant of all.

Driscoll then notes that of course he is not saying that Rob is not a a Jesus-ish guy, but that his teaching is increasingly not…


One Response to “Un-Reformation3”

  1. efwakemazzizle November 2, 2006 at 7:11 pm #

    You forgot to mention the loafers with jeans and no socks that Bell would be wearing. That is key…

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