Why I am Voting for the Rich Guy who Can’t speak

14 Oct

So if you live in Michigan, you probably did not see the Gubernatorial debates because inexplicably they were on at the same time as the Tigers playoff game…But if you did, then you, like I, know our choice is between a guy who can’t speak and a mole..err..um woman who can’t speak. Seriously I want to write to the DeVos campaign and suggest to them that they might want to hire Al Gore as a speaking coach because he seems way livelier and much more authentic then Dick DeVos.  His speaking has this sureal hum to it that says “I am really caring and empathic in a faking it sort of way”.  It makes me want to slam my head in a door. Oh well. And J.Granholm, my goodness stop starting every sentence with “in fact”. It was “in fact” this and “in fact” that. Just stop. Besides the ironic humor of a politican ever saying “in fact” before whatever they will say next (which we all know will likely in no way be a fact) it is completely annoying and I am sure must violate some rule of Gramar. It would probably be more acurate for you to begin each sentence with “what I am about to say is only a ‘fact’ if you are already voting for me, and if you are not then the next ten minutes of hemmmming and hawing will not at all distract you from the giant growth on my face.” By the way, Dick DeVos may have cut 1400 jobs, but it would do you well to remember that he cut them in the economic climate you created…But alas I digress.

Now the interesting thing about American Politics is this, there is really no such thing as representative government unless you are rich. If you are not rich the likelihood of you being represented by someone who is truly and ideologically like you are slim and none..(you gotta be rich to get elected, thus most political decisions benefit Stockholders and not workers, i.e. NAFTA). And if you are me and have strange sort of God given bias toward the poor, then it is unusual for you to say hey, I want to elect the rich dude who has probably never experienced even a minute of what people in my neighborhood have experienced. Yet this November I will be voting for Dick. The reason is simple, Michigan is the 50th worst state in this country to do business in. People think that we are losing all of our manufacturing jobs to Mexico when in actuality many are just going to Kentucky and other states with a favorable climate. One thing I know is this, if the rich are not making money in this state, neither will the poor. If the job climate is awful who does that affect most? Not the rich, but the poor. So this year I will vote for the rich guy, because I truly believe that this is an issue of conscience and Justice. To go another 6 years with the current job market would be unjust, inhumane and sinful.

As Proof Texts I quote Michael Gerson:

“I don’t have any moral qualms about saying that free-market economics are the single best way to take millions of people out of poverty that the world has ever seen,”

And Suggest that you check out Urban Onramps post on the topic of free-market Economics Here


One Response to “Why I am Voting for the Rich Guy who Can’t speak”

  1. efwakemazzizle November 2, 2006 at 7:10 pm #

    I’m not in favor of big gov’t (Dems) nor big business (Reps) so I’ll vote in protest for Libertarians, even though I don’t agree with much of what they say, either.

    The lesser of X-number of evils sucks.

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