Not Sure Who Made This…

7 Nov

I found it at Jim Hamiltons blog which is linked over there…> Here
Anyhoo this is funny, whether you are a John Piper fan (and I am) or not (you are probably going to hell)…OK maybe not, enjoy that comment while it is fresh and funny, because I will probably feel guilty and edit it out later, or I will mistakenly leave this page open and my wife, who does not think I am funny at all, (she only loves me for my body I think) will make me take it out. Anyway this is a music, voice kind o’ thing someone made with John Pipers voice and some songs in the back ground. Here.

If you do not know who John Piper is check him out here: The John (if you click it are you going to the John…Hmmm even I don’t find that very funny…and usually I think I am hilarious)

In other news:

Finally, Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, has challenged his congregation to go 21 days without complaining. To help overcome the urge to whine, Bowman has given out 230 purple elastic wristbands. If you complain, the band is switched to the other wrist and you try again. After two months, and to no one’s surprise, only one person at the church has achieved the goal—Rev. Bowen. (Courtesy of the Out of Ur Blog)

This caught my attention because the aforementioned wife of mine claimed just yesterday that I am the “Complainiest” person on earth (don’t you hate it when people have to go to such links to describe your deficiencies that they have to make up words…) At any-rate I took some time to ponder that and it is intriguing to think, who is the complainiest person on earth? And could it really be me. And if so is there a trophy or anything? And if I won the trophy would I just complain because it was too small? Good questions all. This much I know: if at our church, I encouraged a fast from complaints, I as the pastor would not be the only successful one. Not because I believe we have so many non-complainers but because I forsure would not make it through 21 minutes without complaining (unless everyone else on earth was abducted by aliens or raptured or some other fiction they write about in books, because that would be my only hope, but then again I would probably get lonely and complain about that. A last born, after all, needs his audience.)


One Response to “Not Sure Who Made This…”

  1. Kyle November 9, 2006 at 10:50 am #

    That is the most hillarious thing ever! Ok… maybe ever is a little strong, but in the words of a friend that I know, “I know funny and that’s funny”.

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