Can’t post too Depressed…And the Mole Sings On

9 Nov

Everything I care about loses.  Every sports team (Including the Pistons at this very moment)..every politician..depressing.  You have to be talented to vote like I did yesterday.  I am not a straight ticket voted.. I research, I care and yet somehow after voting equally  Republicans and Democrats and equally yes or no on the proposals,  everyone or thing I voted for lost except for 2 and one of the winners only gets to control your licence.

I went out and voted my conscience…voted for justice, voted for life, I believe voted the best way for the empoverished, voted for education, voted for women and minorities, all the votes I believe were most compatible with the teaching of the Bible and the way of Jesus and yet they all lost.  Oh well, I guess I will have to go back to depending upon God to change the world instead.

PS. To all who voted for Prop. 2 I hope someone you care about is not a woman…Or a Latino or anyone else that this proposal will hurt.  You got what you wanted: assurance that the majority will continue to rule, that those who are already the best connected (don’t kid yourself, they are not most qualified they are most connected) will continue to use those connections to get a leg up and other more qualified candidates will be passed over due to the sin of being born a minority.   I just wonder how we Caucasians will feel about that when we are no longer the majority? I feel good about this though: at least white people in Michigan care about doves…that’s something I suppose.


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