Ah Relevance…We hardly knew thee…

12 Apr

Moving this post up:

So I was just reading about this church down Nashville way and I read their whole pitch and it just stressed me out…here are some of the quotes:

you WON’T see people in polyester singing badly

some of the best Christian “rock” music

Make no mistake, it was an EVENT…

Now I read that and I would just laugh if I did not believe that these people truly wanted to reach people for Jesus, but shoot, when will the church learn that just because you are not wearing polyester it does not mean that you are not outdated? Just because you are not back in the ’70’s does not mean that your church is not firmly entrenched in 1992. Why are we bragging about the fact that we have stepped within two decades of pop-culture? Honestly the next time I hear a church describe itself as contemporary I will puke: 1. If you have to describe yourself as contemporary you are not and 2: the word has no meaning or value, it assumes a singular cultural and societal situation that does not exist. We never stop to ask: contemporary to whom? In most cases we the church are only contemporary by comparison to ourselves, and thus are not really contemporary in the sense in which we use it, but updated (yet still desperately behind). The church is essentially a poor caricature of cultures past while at the same time neglecting any real power she has. I would beg the church to discover the term missional, I know it does not go on the billboard as well, but it lives much better and will have a greater impact

Beyond that let’s be honest, some of the excesses of the 1990’s were indeed excesses, I don’t really want church to be an “event” I want it to be and encounter, an encounter with Jesus. I wish churches would just minister in their context and tell everyone it is all about Jesus instead of bragging that every week before the services you have a clown.

(PS for all you churches stuck in the 50’s this post in no way validates your issues)

P.S.S.  My friend Aaron observed that I am just being closed minded and this is probably why our church is not a mega-church, here are his comments:

Dave, you know why we aren't "growing" (as big as that church) ODDS ARE...

...it's because we DON'T have jugglers pre-service

...it's because we DON'T have hula hoop competitions (didn't you read the book about that)

...it's because we DON'T have our pastor paraded in on a motorcycle (side note, that would have been sweet if it was Palm Sunday...and the people were waving and laying down palms for him to enter into)


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