Justin I am glad you asked…

1 May

Re: Suburban Churches/Urban Churches and CCDA conferences…below:

Justin Said:

You sound kind of angry, and I’m not sure why.

Isn’t what you’re describing a plus? Isn’t this a good thing? I think you’re being a little cynical here. How could this be turned into a positive in your eyes?

Why does this annoy you, Is what I’m trying to ask.

First off J I am not mad..but you are right I am cynical. What happens a lot of time is that suburbanites who don’t really understand the urban situation assume that what we all dream of is their life. This is not true. They also often times bring with them the assumption that because their lives are so much “better” they can rescue us, so the come in to be messiahs, not partners that is what bothers me. Inherent in this kind of ministry is a great deal of sterotyping and assumption making. Those who come, come to bring God to poor people and minister to them, they seldom come realizing that God is already there and that Urban people can minister to them. Typically speaking suburbanites need to come to the urban areas to learn for a significant amount of time before the minister, few are willing to put in this work, they do not want to incarnate they want to swoop in.


One Response to “Justin I am glad you asked…”

  1. Justin May 2, 2007 at 9:29 am #

    Wow. My very own post. Cool.

    I really enjoyed reading your candid thoughts on how the urban community could indeed minister to the community that has come to minister to them. That paradigm must be frustrating, I can imagine.

    So, if I understand you correctly, your beef is with the “Great White Hope,” is that correct? Essentially, suburbanites thinking that they are the answer to the world’s problems?

    Let me challenge your thinking a bit, because I feel like you might be guilty of a little elitism, classism, or maybe even ethnocentrism.

    How, in your opinion, could this situation be remedied? I can’t imagine your answer to be, “well, tell the white suburbanites to not come down here!” Is it? If that’s not your answer, give me an outcome in this situation that would be acceptable in your sight and to your cultural setting.

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