Isn’t it Time to Be Honest?

1 Jun

I think it is time for Christians who whine about illegal immigration to to either confess that they are unrepentant racists, unrepentant nationalists, or racked with a fear that is completely inappropriate for a Christ follower. Let me remind you: You are not primarily an American, you are a citizen of heaven. Let me also remind you that most Christians in the world are neither white nor American, that being said I am sensing that some of you might be very uncomfortable when you get to heaven because there are bound to be lots of Mexicans, Guatemalans and Dominicans…also there is a good chance that they will not be speaking English and to some of you that seems to be inherently connected to the value of a man (in fact to some of you I suspect it is right up there with skin color…), some of the “Law Breakin’ Mexekins” might even take your job in heaven. So I say to you: either start complaining for the Canadians to be thrown out of the country or admit it you have a sin problem.


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