Search Engine Terms…

11 Jul

Daddy Why is that Pony Glassy Eyed?

I love following how people got here…for instance someone searched for “James Dobson’s stance on My Little Ponies” to which I have two responses 1. Please tell me he does not have one, my daughter loves them and she would hate to find out they are part of a covert drug smuggling ring, or gay or worse yet, educated in a public school and 2. Whoever you are, and I will find out, by virtue of caring what Dobson says in general and on this topic in particular you are officially banned from my site.

Overly Hetro V. Overly Metro

Another great search term: “Mark Driscoll vs. Rob Bell” now there is a celebrity death match I would love to see. Although I think we all realize that the (formerly) bearded one would kick the stuffing out of the (always) metro one. It would be beautiful, the lumber-jackish Driscoll pummeling the Hebrewish Bell, Driscoll grunting, Bell attempting to cite obscure and poorly researched facts about the Holy Land in an attempt to distract would be lovely.


2 Responses to “Search Engine Terms…”

  1. layguy July 11, 2007 at 9:30 am #

    LOL – love your descriptions

  2. Andy July 20, 2007 at 1:15 pm #

    I think I googled “James Dobson Inner City Ministry” to end up on your page. Today he aired the story of a (presumably white) man who decided to live in the ghettos of L.A., and how he, in his own words, learned a lot more from the kids he invited to learn about Jesus than they possibly could have learned from him. It sounded inspiring; I was curious; here I am.

    “You do not have a problem with another person: you have a problem with God.” George Washington Carver

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