Ned Flanders Shines Again…

28 Jul

I know that there are a lot of Simpson haters among Christians, but I for one have always been a lover…and until I had a daughter who would have been confused by it’s cartoon format, I was a regular watcher. So it was with great joy that the rest of the Pastoral staff and I went to see it when it opened at 12:01 AM Friday. I must say once again Ned Flanders came of as the true hero.

I realize that the Simpson often harpoons religion, and the movie was no different. Of course Rev. Lovejoy got ripped and Homer still thinks that Church is boring. But despite that the one true believer, Ned Flanders is unquestionably the good guy in this story. He loves Bart, heck, He even loves Homer (which is not easy to do) and at when everyone else is preparing to meet their impending doom with panic he is calm and happy telling the boys “Now when you meet Jesus be sure to call him Mr. Christ,” there is no panic about him only joy.

I guess some could argue that the portrayal is of someone who is delusional, but for my part I appreciated it. I do not expect those who are not Christ-followers to get us, but in there portrayal of Ned, it seems to me that the writers of the Simpson movie at least respected us.


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