Jim and Casper Steal my Money

18 Oct

So I purchased the book “Jim and Casper go to church” with great anticipation…none of it was founded. I am always interested in finding out how unchurched people think…I suppose the fact that this book was on the Barna imprint should have tipped me off, but this book offers nothing. The sum total of what we learn is: Willow Creek’s worship team is a bunch of rich, white, boomer, dorks (earth shattering…none of us were on to that.) Atheists are suspect of the supernatural (that totally belies the atheist title). And that Jim Henderson has a problem with Driscoll that allows him to go so far as to imply that Driscoll has a sexual sin problem (That was your classiest paragraph ever Jim…Bravo).

Casper on the other hand doesn’t like it when the church talks about sin (Not much we can do about that..well unless your name is Olsteen.)

He also seems to not really care for all this talk of blood.

To which I say: I paid for those insights? Of course he doesn’t: he does not believe. The teachings of Jesus are not easy even when you do believe.  (edit:  this sentence was meant to say..hey Christians be aware of how crazy what we believe is going to seem to someone who does not believe…but as I read it again sounds more like a critique of what Casper does or does not believe,  it was not meant to be that.)

When does “Jim and Casper Give me My Money Back Come Out?”


4 Responses to “Jim and Casper Steal my Money”

  1. Heather Fischer October 18, 2007 at 8:29 pm #

    Ha ha ha 🙂
    Speaking of Driscoll, did you ask your question yet? I know you have one.

  2. poopemerges October 19, 2007 at 12:59 am #

    I have not asked one yet…but I did vote!

  3. Matt Casper October 19, 2007 at 2:44 am #

    Thanks for reading and posting about our book. I’m sorry you found it so repellent.

    I didn’t want the point of the book to be, “Ha ha… look at all this stupid stuff,” but “What does all this stuff have to do with the words of a street preacher for 1st century Palestine?”

    It’s not about how I don’t believe Jesus was the son of god. It’s about how those that do believe reflect his teachings.

    Matt Casper

  4. poopemerges October 19, 2007 at 5:26 am #

    Matt: I actually have no issues with your part of the book…I just think that some of what you critique is unfixable (Not sure that is a word) without being unfaithful to that teacher in Palestine…What I mean is this: I do believe that being a Christ follower is about action, but I also think it is about belief and that those two are not mutually exclusive. What we believe matters. If we claim to be following said Jesus, some of what we believe is going to be as you rightly state akin to believing that a good fairy puts pennies under our pillows while we sleep, to a person who does not follow Jesus. Now I personally am ok with you feeling like that (that our believes are to a certain extent crazy)… but in the context of being a pastor who is called to preach Jesus there is nothing I can do about it, I am still going to preach it and I am still going to live it.

    I though you were right on in your critiques of the white rich cultural nature of Christianity…and about the genuineness of a lot of churches. Authenticity is a huge deal! And I do agree that a lot of the “stuff” has nothing to do with Jesus. But some of what is Jesus is probably only going to make sense to those who follow him? does that make sense (I am not trying to go all Erwin McManus on you)…

    In our congregation I would do my best to make sure that none of the stupid stuff that does not matter is not offensive or off putting to those who do not believe, but at the same time I would realize that the message we preach and the man (Jesus himself) is likely going to be.

    My issue was not at all with the dialog so much as with the Christian Marketing machine which put your book on the shelf and sold it to me as something new.

    BTW Don’t take my lack of enjoyment of the book and of Jim’s part specifically as a critique of the concept of interfaith discussion (or inter faith-no faith discussion). I though the idea was neat, I just wish it would have spent more time on our cultural trappings and less time on what seemed to me to be a subtle theological critique, it seems to me that Jim used you as a tool in a insiders war with in Christianity right now: which matters more: what we believe of what we do? This is a war especially among emergent/traditional factions in the church. This book seems to be edited to say: “See if we would focus on action over believe then atheist would like us.” And that in turn is being used by Christian marketers to further their version of how things should be.

    Anyhoo Peace man,

    I would hope that if you ever chilled with me that the stuff I do would match up to Jesus…but I know that a lot of times it does not…that is why I need him so bad.


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