From Cedarville to Cedar Ridge to Barack to Hell Apparently

20 Feb

So I am not going to get into the whole actual issue in this Anti-Cedarville scribe…Because for one thing I really don’t care and for another…ummm, I guess there is no other reason. But I will point out his paragraph:

Claiborne’s book has a foreword by liberal political activist, Jim Wallis. While Cedarville’s Dean of Student Life (Purple) told Lighthouse Trails that Cedarville is “very conservative,” pointing students to a book that is partially written by Wallis seems to give a different message.

Now read in context the suggestion seems to be that if you are going to be Theologically conservative, you must be politically conservative. Does anyone else find that line of reasoning old? Trite? Stupid? I know I do. If Postmodern Christianity has it’s excesses (and it does, like an excess of things it’s ok to believe in as long as you aren’t really sure you believe them,) then this is a prime example of the problems of modernism, the confusion of the Kingdom of God with the Kingdom of man, and of conservative politics with Christian behavior. Because we all know what Jesus really wants from us is a tax break for the upper class….


3 Responses to “From Cedarville to Cedar Ridge to Barack to Hell Apparently”

  1. Heather Fischer February 20, 2008 at 6:25 pm #

    The same people who think Hillary IS the anti-christ 🙂

  2. poopemerges February 20, 2008 at 6:29 pm #

    Well they do have a point there. 🙂

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