For those who wonder what this site is about…

2 Feb

Search no more, here in no particular order are the post that will help ou make sense of the Craziness that is “poopemerges.”  If you are to lazy to click I can sum it up in three words:  Sarcastic, reformed…um look I did it in two.

One of my most recent posts dealing with Slice of Laodicea a website that is the Christian Onion…completely without knowing it.

This is a long inside joke but if you have read some of the things I have written here this is funny.  It is my apology to all I have offended.

This caused a stir.

I am a Cornerstone U.  Alum as such I reserve the right to complain when something stupid is going down.  I wrote this 6 months before he went on TV with all this crap.

Another CU post inspired by actual events at CU.  Here we fictionalize names to protect the not -so- innocent turtle neck wearing director of spiritual what-not.  

Not very funny but I had to throw a Bell post in (side note I think the idea that this Blog is Bell related is overstated)

Only included cause I like this Line “Because we all know what Jesus really wants from us is a tax break for the upper class….”

An angry I’m an Urban pastor post.  

For those who want to know what my problem is.

This is the one that really ticks the Funndies off.  Good times.

Just so we are clear there is not much James Dobson is not wrong about.

On why I support Seperation of Church and State

On Why Jesus voted for Obama




One Response to “For those who wonder what this site is about…”

  1. a February 2, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    ditto on dobson. he is my slice. I fear him the most because to the majority of christians they don’t see his nonsense at first glance. He is way more dangerous than the angry short haired lady who was probably a softball coach. yes, I said that.

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