The Irony of the Minions

26 Mar

No that is not the name of a new Star Wars joint.  It is an observation about a group of online whinners called AOMinions.  They are currently attacking my boy Seth McBee becasue he dared question James White.  The ironic thing is that they are whinning away because Seth said he was on the “frontlines” of ministry too. And they were are all “nu uh, no you din'” and so forth.  The Irony is that this is a blog not by James White, but by some self confessed minnions,  the greater ironiy then is that they too are not on the “frontlines” (I keep putting that in quotes because I want you to know that I think it is a stupid term)…  And as a further note if James White’s ministry is propositional apologetics (and I really don’t have a bleeping idea about what it is that Jimmy does, so maybe it is not)  but if it is then he is not on the “frontlines” either,  because while propostional apologetics is good and important it has not been Frontline work since perhaps the turn of the century or before.  It is, because of how people now process, “Lines” work or sidelines work.  Oh well, jus saying.  Maybe AOminions can post about me too.


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