It’s so hard to say goodbye to dead liberal movements….

25 Jan

Yes I did sing that to the Boy 2 Men tune. Try it, it is fun.

Here is the deal-ly-yo when I started this blog I was (rightly I think) reacted to some of the less orthodox goings on in the world of Evangelicalism… It was rude, sarcastic, and fun. Since then however several things have happened: 1. The movement sorted itself out, the radical wings of what the heck ever the “emergent church” is has decided that they do not want to be labeled evangelical anymore than we want them to be. 2. Mars Hill Church in Grandville has significantly decreased in influence here in my primary ministry field of Grand Rapids (though you gotta give them a hat tip for hiring flat out theological nut job Shane Hipps) and 3. Lots of bloggers blog constantly ripping on these same things and they are not near as funny or enjoyable and even worse some of them may not even have functioning brains (No offense to Ken Silva’s body) or a discernible gender (yes that was a Slice of Laodicea reference) and frankly I don’t want to be associated with them. 4. I am reformed theologically but I have lost all interest in being one of those guys who thinks that if you are not reformed in exactly the same way that I am then you are a heretic (No they do not teach you to write that at Master’s Seminary)…infact I have had great conversations with people on all sides of every debate here…as long as they have a sense of humor…  5. I want to write about the things that matter to me and the title of this blog is just out of date. At the end ofthe day what I really care about is being an urban missionary who proclaims the greatness of Jesus in a way that makes sense to the culture and leads to repentence. So anyhoo, I am moving here: MissioDave.  I plan to actually blog there,  but unlike this blog when I started,  I don’t really care if you read it.   It will of course be a lot like this blog,  same jerky me, different title.


One Response to “It’s so hard to say goodbye to dead liberal movements….”

  1. Joel Shaffer January 26, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Way to end “poop is emergent too” with a bang! Probably one of your funniest posts yet…..I’m still laughing at your jabs towards the angry “bloggers!” Looking forward to new posts for Missio Dave!

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