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Cause Cakes Can Be Delicious and Funny…

19 Aug

Who doesn’t like cakes and humor?  (besides the Chinese government and James Dobson…China because Commies don’t like such wasteful use of sugar and James Dobson because he suspects that cake and humor together are a tool of the radical Homosexual agenda…)

Anyhoo if you are not the Chinese government, James Dobson or a California homeschool parent under his evil spell click here.


The Olympic Boycott Idea Grows…

25 Jun

Check out the petition here.

I have said it before…

13 Jun

and I will say it again…it is a travesty of the most economic kind that the Olympics are in China.  I love the Olympics but as a sign of Christian solidarity I will not watch.   Read this.

Boycott The Olympics in China!

24 Mar

Now I am not speaking here to athletes (though, I would be happy about that as well).  No my call here is to Christians and human rights activists in general.  To all who care about religious freedom.  I do not care in the least that our government has taken China off it’s list of top human rights offenders,  we all know that is crap.  We also all know that anyone trying to practice their faith freely in China is abused.  I want to call on Christian people especially, in support of our Chinese Christian Brothers in prison and still being persecuted, not to watch this sham.  If the Olympics are about good will and the human spirit then there is no way they should be taking place in a cruel communistic regime.  I will not watch this year.  I encourage you to do the same.

Also what are we to say of the government of our own country who ignores these abuses so that they can trade more freely?  Money it would seem trumps freedom.