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13 Letters Curriculum Drops

15 Mar

The Thirteen Letters Curriculum is out. If you deal with urban youth (and I would suspect non-urban) I would advise you to get this. The guys at put it out. I really believe in what these guys are about. You will get songs by Lecrae, Tedashi, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee and others. The beats and hooks are awesome and the message is going to stick. This is a good ministry and if you are not in need of youth ministry stuff then just go here to donate!


A Hip Hop Update or Why the Regulative Principle is Stupid

7 Jan

This is banging…it is Flame with Lecrae (and you know we love Lecrae) and John Reilly .  It is so good.  You should go buy the album on Itunes 🙂  Plus as it is CMR you know the theology is excellent!

* on the Regulative Principle if your thing only works for one country, culture or color it is probably not Biblical

This Video Has it All!

27 Oct

In this Video there are a lot of things I love:  Mars Hill Seattle,  Lecrae, a Missional focus, and John Piper Quotes:

Lecrae Writes the CrossWinds Theme Song…

7 Oct

With a shout out to Joel and my other bros who contend for the ‘hood.  And especially to all the peep’s  at CrossWinds who know that every member is a church planter and live out our “secret” mission “To Preach Jesus where others won’t.

I have been listening to the new CD by Lecrae and pretty soon I will review the whole thing (it is amazing!). One song in particular I want to point out before I get to that though is “Beautiful Feet”  you can read hte lyrics below.  But man this song does it for me.  It captures my life mission and hte life mission of our congregation.  Down with easy believe-ism  and “open door” theology and blessings in Christ to those who chose the difficult way and bash down the closed doors!


Beautiful Feet

Carlos was born in killa cali/ was walking down an alley and caught a bullet in his head that left him bleeding badly. He lost everything at that moment except his life/ he lost his hearing lost his movement and he lost his sight/ he laid there in a coma/ but man nobody cared/ the Gospel preached in his neighborhood? Nobody dared/ But los got up out the coma got and was able to hear/ a missionary shared the gospel to his open ears/ He got saved got trained got discipled/ back to hood/ you could find em preaching the bible/ He led a homie to Christ from his same hood/ part of Church plant/ come on now aint his name good/ This is blessing but Im stressing that this is not the norm/ we need leaders and belivers to help carry it on/ but who would minister in a sinister part of town/ I pray if Jesus is calling you that you would be found/


Eric used to go to bible study as a kid/ he got older and started doing what the hood did/ a rival gang caught him slippin tried to take his life/ but the jammed up so them beat him nice/ he woke up in the hospital singing bible songs/ praise God he had a place to learn the bible from/ but then he gets saved and wanna preach Christ they make him change his whole culture and way of life/ he gotta get him a bachelors wear a suit and tie/ go to seminary/ by then all of his boys will die/ Jesus came to invade culture outta nazereth and used a couple fisherman who people saw as hazardous/ the feet are beautiful if only they’d go/ if aint nobody in hood preaching how will they know?/ Eric is better used taught trues in his context/ somebody please plant a church in his projects.


In Luke 4 16 on down to 21 jesus says he’s messiah says hes the chosen one

But more than that he quotes Isaiah/ that shows our savior targets oppressed captive blind and the broke I’m saying/ had a heart for the poor had a heart for the low/ and 1st John 2:6 is way we should go/ In Dueteronomy even tho they under the law/ the tithes every third year the poor got em all/ I aint sayin you wrong if you live in burbs/ Im sayin turn your attention to the hood cause we hurting/ man if you aint burdened please pick up your word an/ tho this world is going down while we here we can serve him/ we bring this to the streets because we knew the streets/ I pray that more would be burdend to have beautiful feet/ you never knew the streets but truth is what you preach/ I pray to God you’d be burdened for beautiful feet.

Go, go, go (run with those beautiful feet)

Go, go, go