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When Lions Go To Church

23 Sep

This photo of a lion in church reminds me of what Dorothy Sayers once wrote of Jesus: “We have very efficiently pared the claws of the Lion of Judah, certified him “meek and mild,” and recommended him as a fitting household pet for pale curates and pious old ladies…”

And don’t we do that? But what would happen if Jesus walked into our churches today? I have a feeling it would be like this picture…we would all run for fear of the “firebrand” as Sayers called him. We have become comfortable with a Jesus who is gentle and meek, but have forgotten the strength, power and Glory it took to walk to the cross and bear our sin. The power to love is only reinforced by his power to create and his power to judge and his power over death. He loves us, not just with the love of roving pacifist commoner, but with the love a Ruling, Reigning King… The incarnation is beautiful, but the power of incarnation will one day be played out in coronation.

Sola Deo Gloria…Come Quickly Great Lion.